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Daniel Frith

Life Coach & Facilitator

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My Approach


Are you feeling trapped or unsatisfied in your current situation? What are the goals you wish to achieve? Do you need help taking action…. or just help to enjoy the process more!? My name is Daniel and I work with individuals and teams to develop personal and professional growth. Becoming the person to achieve the goal is what we facilitate. I offer a free first and depending on your situation possible further free consultations. From there we can work together and do what it takes to achieve whatever it is you want and need! All our work is strictly confidential.

Key Focus Areas

  • Self Discovery

  • Daily Practice

  • Lifestyle Enrichment

  • Empowerment

  • Next Level Performance

  • Purpose Driven Alignment

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To find out more about how my team and I can help your specific needs please click the category below that applies most to you.


The Facilitators Group will take you through a process to extract the information required to develop and implement a program tailored to achieve your goals.


The Facilitators Group will sit down with you to discuss the benefits of going slower or faster. We tailor a program to suit you and your business's key performance areas.


Join a scheduled workshop or sit down with The Facilitators Group and together we will tailor your own workshop depending on your wants and needs.


“Are you ready to be the person you need to be to live and love this amazing life..!?”

— Daniel Frith


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I'm willing to work with committed and courageous clients Australia wide. We can either work over the phone, online or in person.