I work with a number of clients in a number of different industries. These are their stories and they are proud of them!


Ian Jensen
(Australian Rules Football Club President)


  • Conflict Resolution

  • Motivation

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

Daniel came to our football club and instantly displayed a great manner when coaching our players and other coaches.

His approach helped to get the very best out of our players and coaches. He ensures good practices are always highlighted and this always had a positive impact on confidence levels in the group.

He was able to select good intervention strategies during his time at our football club. Daniel used a variety of coaching styles,  techniques and physical conditioning to excellent effect. This allowed the players maximum game time whilst still making good decisions under physical and external pressures. 

Daniel's passion, enthusiasm and positive coaching had an enormous impact on the culture of our football club.  He worked relentlessly to give players the confidence they needed in order for them to fulfill their potential and develop their skills.

His careful tuning of our team and coaching staff made them better people.

Amistat-Band-Jan-&-Josef - Copy.jpg



  • Goal Clarity

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Personal Belief

Jan and I were born in Munich and spent most of our childhood in a small town in South Tirol (Austria). At the age of 19, I (Joseph) decided to move to Australia first and leave everyone, including my twin brother behind. I hadn't fully figured out what I was put on this planet to do. I was wandering around looking for purpose and that was when I was introduced to Daniel.

Working closely with Daniel enabled me to work through the rough patch I was going through, and he understood how I struggled with ‘plugging into the system’. After identifying my passion for music I quit my job and started living off playing music full time on the streets of Melbourne. It was tough taking that leap of faith, but having Daniel there in a personal coaching/mentoring capacity helped me realise it was all possible… A few months later my brother Jan joined me in Australia and we created our band Amistat. Daniel seemed to be the only person who believed in us from the very beginning and he is now responsible for facilitating our personal development as people and the personal development of all the people involved in Amistat. We have toured over four different countries, released 3 albums and have a wonderful fan base.

Daniel helped us develop ourselves without changing us. He gave us guidance and strength to go after our goals. I can say that working closely with Daniel has changed our lives forever in such an amazing way!

We’re very grateful to have a special person, mentor and a great friend in Daniel. He has helped us in our personal and professional journey this far, and we are going all the way to the Grammys, together as a team! 


Derek Harbison
(Youth Education Special Programs Co-ordinator)


  • Goal Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Motivation

  • Value and belief Alignment

I was working on an alternative learning engagement project in Byron Bay with disengaged school students. The program needed to be restructured to include more personal development and behavioural awareness. Subsequently the students were not responding too well to the activities and to the staff. Daniel was identified by the Department of Education and seconded over to assist on the further development of the program. His input was able to suggest some behavioural boundaries and strategies that we could trial with the students that he had already developed and had successful results with. It takes real confidence in your abilities, knowledge and application skills to be able to do what Daniel did. He had the experience and interpersonal skills that made me feel at ease that he was not trying to take over the ship. He provided valuable input at a time when we needed it most. It was a turning point in the program that set us on a new path and we ultimately achieved goals that would have not been possible without his help.


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