And My JOurney


My name is Daniel Frith and I'm The Lead Facilitator. I'm a sports and wholistic health fanatic and I'm passionate about positive change and working with courageous people going after their goals. I call the beautiful seaside town of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia home and also work out of Melbourne, Victoria. 

I grew up in a very loving and supportive family in the small town of Daylesford, Victoria. From a young age I had a strong belief in myself and a sense of purpose in whatever I committed my time to. Professional sport was my focus as a child and young adult, which allowed me to grow in team environments and develop myself physically and mentally.

While playing Aussie Rules Football in the Victorian Football League (VFL), I completed studies in Sports Science, majoring in Physical Education and Psychology. I was passionate about what I had learnt and applied it on the sporting field. I then felt obligated to share my experiences, so I completed further study and obtained a Graduate Diploma of Education and began teaching Physical Education and Psychology to year 11 & 12 (VCE) students in Victoria.

After my professional sporting career in the VFL had passed, my passion and commitment moved into new areas to grow and stretch as a person. I immersed myself into the hospitality industry and opened a café in Fitzroy, Melbourne and also began coaching senior Australian Rules Football teams across Victoria.

The café and sports coaching exposed me to many people from all walks of life in society. I enjoyed the relationships and was always fascinated by each individual's journey. It was then I realised and had my light bulb moment. As I went deeper into these relationships with people it was obvious to me that many of the people of today have goals and aspirations that come from the right place and are nearly within reach but there was just that one thing holding them back... someone to honestly believe in them so that they keep on improving the belief in themselves. It was at this point of my life that I got my clarity and realised what I wanted to do. I wanted to dedicate myself fully to helping others achieve their goals but I knew I couldn’t do it from behind the coffee machine or as the hierarchical leader of a sporting team. That was the end of my café and football coaching journey for now and the start of The Facilitators Group.

Life is a gift and a choice and my ultimate goal is to work closely with people to realise this. I believe that anything is possible if you align your life with your passion and put your mind to it consistently. Yes it is tough out there on the front line today and I want to help the belief for others that are willing to go for it. Every person in this world has similar human needs and wants but we are all different and may need one to one personal assistance in understanding how these wants and needs are met. I truly believe there are only two types of people in this world… people who are willing to take the risk through fear to achieve… and people who don’t… which one do you want to be?

I would have appreciated this assistance in my youth and young adult life in seeing that it is just a choice... so my contribution to help change the world and leave my legacy is to work with people courageous enough to go after their dreams! I told my father a long time ago that I had a dream of changing the world for the better... I am now realising that dream! The Facilitators Group and I strive in operating under the values of honesty and integrity which you will experience working with us. My team and I will be by your side to make sure you become whats necessary to go all the way to the top of your mountain … wherever that may be ... and whatever it takes!!