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Group Sessions to Meet Your Needs


Join a scheduled workshop or sit down with The Facilitators Group and tailor your own workshop depending on your wants and needs. We can tailor any workshop to suit the unique goals of any group. We also have affiliate 3 day and 7 day life transformation retreats across Australia, where you can have my tailored service combined with the holistic combination of the most renowned wellbeing environments in the world. The Facilitators Group guarantees you will come back and plug into society with improved energy, clarity, motivation, inspiration and belief for whatever goal or goals you set out to achieve. The mission of the Facilitators Group is to continue working with the individual or group until the goal or goals are fully realised.


Health & Wellbeing Group Sessions

The focus of the Health and Wellbeing sessions is to educate and inspire action to dramatically improve one's energy, general health and wellbeing. Specific content areas covered include:

  • The Wellbeing Wheel

  • Wholistic Action Application

  • Energy Transformation

  • Time Micromanagement




Leadership & Teamwork Group Sessions

The focus of the Leadership and Teamwork sessions is to identify what it takes to be the best possible leader and team member. Specific content areas covered include:

  • Relationships

  • Communications Excellence

  • Leadership & Teamwork Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Motivational Leadership

  • Innovative Leadership


Custom group Sessions by The Facilitators

Specialised and Custom Group Sessions

The Facilitators Group offers coaching and mentoring programs in specialised industry areas. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these programs:

  • Industry Culture Transformation

  • Sports Coaching

  • Education, Teaching and Learning Programs

  • Youth and Disadvantaged Youth Programs

We also have a range of personal and professional development content areas that we can tailor a program to meet your needs. Please contact us for further details of the content and process for each area.

Some of the content areas we cover include:

  • Habitual Transformation

  • Reconditioning Sensory Meaning and Behaviour

  • Presence Awareness

  • Choice Empowerment

  • Values and Beliefs Alignment

  • Life Balance

  • Transforming the Human Cell Environment

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication and Clarity

  • Relationship Awareness

  • Finding You and your Y

  • Measuring Success

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